About Us

Simplicity and Service

Americlear_About_04AmeriClear Rx was founded by businessmen and pharmacists who envisioned a clearly better way. We put our heads together and came up with a PBM process that works for everyone: the employer, the broker, and the pharmacist.

The core of our PBM structure is quite simple: to process claims accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Our national network of 63,500+ pharmacy providers is powered by National Pharmaceutical Services (NPS), a leading prescription-claims processor since 1993.

At AmeriClear Rx, we deliver a seamless transition.

We eliminate hidden costs. Our only compensation is a flat, fully disclosed PEPM administration fee.

We’re a privately held company focused solely on our clients’ best interests.

We do PBM the way it should be done—simply and clearly.

For more details about the history of PBM and what makes AmeriClear Rx clearly different, click here.