Reporting & Analytics

Simple, valuable PBM reports.

PBM reports should be easy to understand so that you make wise decisions, right? We agree. The AmeriClear Rx reporting structure reflects that need.

For prospective clients, we begin with a Detailed Claims Analysis of prescription-drug spend, current PBM and savings opportunities—revealing any “spread-pricing” in the current plan. The report analyzes brand, generic, mail order, and specialty pharmacy usage, and recommends savings.

The Snapshot Report we provide to clients charts current pharmacy spend, potential savings, results of programs already implemented, census-track data, brand/generic utilization, formulary adherence, and Top 25 reports in categories of drug class, prescription count, prescribers, and pharmacies.

Twice a year, AmeriClear Rx plan members receive something no other PBM delivers: a pharmacy Explanation of Benefits (EOB), like ours. This is a detailed claims history for the member and dependents that specifies less-expensive alternatives, member co-pays, plan-sponsor payments, and pharmacy payments for each prescription.

Click here to view a sample of AmeriClear’s EOB

Oh, and by the way, unlike some PBMs, AmeriClear client data is fully protected—and not for sale!

Finally, a PBM that gets it. Connect with AmeriClear Rx TODAY.