Large Groups

AmeriClear Rx delivers results.

What if you multiplied your plan’s total number of prescriptions filled per year by $10? $15? $20? More? This is the level of real savings we can return to your company.

Our one-contract PBM model eliminates the spread that’s most likely present in your current claims (often ranging from $5 to $200+ per prescription!). We would be happy to show you our value by providing a detailed claims analysis.

Unlike other PBMs, at AmeriClear Rx:

  • We believe plan members are best served through their local pharmacy.
  • We ensure that all drug-manufacturer revenues and rebates go back to the client who paid for the drug in the first place—unlike other PBMs that keep these revenues and seek to maximize brand usage and marketing through Data Selling, Research Grants, Admin Fees, etc.
  • We don’t own mail order, we don’t repackage, we don’t manipulate MAC lists.
  • We have ZERO revenue outside of a flat, fully disclosed administrative fee—which can be budgeted by plan sponsors and is independent of costs or utilization.

Smaller Groups

Workers’ Comp

Finally, a PBM that gets it. Connect with AmeriClear Rx TODAY.