Smaller Groups

We’ve got your perfect plan.

Whether you’re thinking about self-insuring your group health plan or your pharmacy benefits only, AmeriClear Rx is your clear choice.

At AmeriClear Rx:

  • We can build a plan for small groups with limited budgets.
  • We’ll work with you directly, through your TPA, broker or medical carrier.
  • We can design plans with a customized formulary and a range of deductibles, copays, plan maximums, or any other parameters.
  • We provide expert guidance in specialty pharmacy and will tailor plans to reduce your exposure to the high cost of this ever-increasing segment of pharmacy benefits.

Large Groups

Workers’ Comp

Our process is easy. Our process is equitable. And, it will save you money!

Finally, a PBM that gets it. Connect with AmeriClear Rx TODAY.