We’ve worked the counter. We get it.


Note: You’re most likely already in our network of 63,500+ pharmacy providers, but if not, please call 1-800-546-5677 today to begin the simple sign-up process.

Unlike traditional PBMs, AmeriClear Rx is clearly on the side of pharmacists. Because we are pharmacists, we understand tools you need to be successful.

AmeriClear Rx is on your side:

  • We are a truly transparent PBM that realizes the value of your relationships with local customers.
  • We believe plan members should be free to fill prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice.
  • We believe there should never be any incentive for a member to use mail order. Because of that, we don’t own or operate any mail order or specialty pharmacies.
  • We offer fair reimbursement, no abusive audits, and no adjudication fee.
  • Our 24-hour Pharmacy Help Desk is fast, friendly and efficient. We boast a 98% first-call resolution and calls addressed in person in an average of 43 seconds.

If you’re interested in helping us bring the AmeriClear Rx model to your area, please contact us here or share our website with other key influencers.

Finally, a PBM that gets it. Connect with AmeriClear Rx TODAY.